per invoice

    • Charge 3% of each invoice

    • API Integration

    • Cloud Instance managed service

    • Minimum 30 invoices each month

    • Channel Manager

    USD $999


    • Unlimited Bookings & invoices

    • 100% Managed cloud instance

    • Channel Manager

    • Custom API and Payment Gateway

    • 03 Months Support

    USD $12000

    per Year

    • Download and Host as you want

    • 100% Customizable

    • Access to Database

    • Access to Source Code

    • 03 Months Support

The main objective of business is to increase profits on a continuous basis !

This will add stability to the business and will help to climb up the success ladder. Especially, if you are conducting operations on the virtual world, it is of paramount importance. It can be accomplish by having a robust website with host of interesting features. The web pages needs to be easily accessible and navigate. A visitor is ultimately bound to have a wonderful user experience to meet their requirements. One can consider the tool that can foster better performance from the site. This is where web based tour operator script comes into the picture. The PHP script has been beneficial to the tour operator massively. With this script, the admin has a better control over the website functionality. In addition, the customization features give the liberty to have a site of their preference. It enables to have the features and functionality according to the admin. This can transform in getting the maximum performance and increase the visibility. There will be drastic rise in the booking of the tour packages. Tour operator software is bound to bring down the operating cost without affecting the performance.

The tour operator reservation software is one that is designed especially for the tourism industry to ease the travel booking process for both the tour operator as well as customer. It is a fully integrated online reservation system used to easily manage bookings. The software helps to improve your marketing worldwide. It makes your site easy to use attracting more people from across the globe. This increases your user base and improving overall business. It gives you the flexibility to create new tour plans wherein you can add customized deals. This will also aid to create better interest in users and increase website traffic. The script ensures smooth navigation which will attract more bookings from your site as the process is easy for a user. The software for tour operators is extremely beneficial for agents, agencies, travel operators and everyone related to the tourism industry. You can create numerous categories and put up a list of hotels, motels, apartments, flats, villas, cottages, hostels and more. You can easily retrieve booking statistics. You can regularly update the room availability calendar.

With the help of the tour reservation software you can set up premium themes and change them as and when you want to. This will ensure to give a new look to your website all the time. It supports all the major gateways and currencies attracting users from various countries to book from your website. It has language translators which detects the language of the end user and translates your website language to it. This helps to widen your global audience. The software is available online at nominal prices.