Looking for customized solution?

Everyone wants to get their own unique identity. We create the perfect site for your business, personal brand, event, or portfolio. Our application can be customized entirely according to your business needs.

Customization steps

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Organize Your Requirements

This is first step that you should do. Create a professional project scope statement of your requirements. Your statement must be fulfill with some websites as a reference, screenshots if possible, PDF, word file, text or any material content which can help our developers to understand your project completely and what you want to appear on your Web page. We particularly enjoy getting to know our clients and understanding their business in order to create a website we will both be proud of.

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Communication Method

We are available to answer phones 24/7, including weekends and holidays, so you can speak with a live person regardless of the time of day or which day it is. Our company contact with the clients via phone call, email, live chat, sending massage, video call and text messages etc. Our support center team is very friendly and helpful. We are able to set appointments with you to take and process orders over the phone if it is needed. Phone Number: +8801921096845, Email Address : support@eicra.com

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Send your requirements

It is one of the most important parts for customizing website. Send your all types of requirements / documents about website based to our customization department .So that we get back to you with estimation of cost and timeline details. Our project manager and developers will get in touch with you in order to understand your requirements clearly. And once we both agreed on the development cost our team will start working on your project and will get back to you if any information required

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Purchase web application

It’s critical that the visitors to your website are presented with an attractive, positive design. So, in order to avoid any dispute or troubleshoots and get unique website you have to purchase some important web application. This is the second step of customization. We receive daily more a huge number of requests for customizations and we can't engage our developers to work on everyone’s request.

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Wait and track development

As an Eicra partner, we are updated on new and upcoming features so we can wait alternative ways to reach your goal. Once our development team started working on your project you will be able to track the development externally using different methods. We will provide you daily reports for each day including detailed information in order to keep the progress of project on the top mark sheet and updated for both parties.

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Get ready to shine

Our goal is to build you a website that achieves your online goals and gets results for your business. Once project is done we will deliver all the source code to you via email ftp or whatever method you would like to use. The project will be tested by our professional developers free of cost and also we do help you free of cost with any bug or issues you encounter in near future because we believe support is a key of success.

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Future Update

We warrant that our support services will be provided in a professional manner consistent with company standards. Our company provides cost free future updating service for 1 month so; customer must notify us of any service deficiencies such as theme customizing, any changing or any updating within thirty (30) days from performance of the website. If you want to any updating/customizing after 1(one) month, then it will be charged as per following:

Website Development                              :  30 USD / Hour
Static Website Design                              :  20 USD / Hour
Graphics Design                                       :  40 USD /Hour
Web Service Development                      :  25 USD / Hour
Mobile App Development                        :  30 USD / Hour
Project Analysis                                         :  20 USD / Hour
Hiring Developer (1 Dev)                         :  2000 USD /Month (8 HoursPer day 2 days’ weekend)
Hiring Developer (Per Additional Dev)  : 1500 USD / Month (8 Hours Per day 2 days’ weekend)
Project Management                                 :  300 USD / Week (2 Hours per day)
ITES Consultancy                                      :  50 USD / Hour
User Training                                              :  20 USD / Hour

FYI1: Price can be Varied Depending on the Complexity of the Requirement.
FYI2: Client should ensure all Required Documents in English language.

NOTE: Please be advised, make sure you have ordered web app before submit any ticket related to customization or personalization.